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My Favorite Georgia Mom Blogs

You can probably tell that I love blogging. It is the perfect outlet for me to share my knowledge of the pediatric dental assistant industry. Through blogging, I have found some really great mom bloggers who share their parenting ideas, events in the area, and fun craft ideas. I thought it would be more

The Habit Your Child Needs to Kick

As a pediatric dentist I see it all. Today, I want to talk about how thumb-sucking affects your child’s oral health and jaw structure. Why do infants and children suck their thumbs? Babies are naturally inclined to suck, it’s an instinctive habit – it can start in the womb. For some children, more

Dental Assistants Recognition Week

Did you hear that it was Dental Assistants Recognition Week from March 2nd-8th? If not, I’m here to tell you all about it. A Theme of Embracing Change The theme this year was “Dental Assisting: Embracing the Changes of the Profession.” As you know if you read my blog, dental assistants really more

Gap-Toothed Smiles in Kids are a Good Sign

We love gap-toothed smiles! I sometimes see kids come in and their parents are so proud of their beautiful smiles, with the teeth all lined up and touching. That may look nice now but when the permanent teeth come in they will be crowded, which can cause crooked smiles. Adult permanent teeth are 1.5-2x more

Don’t forget the “C” in F-L-O-S-S

Ok, so maybe you’ll think that I’m just a pediatric dentist, not a spelling bee champ – but keep reading and you’ll understand what I mean. The 5 Sides to Your Teeth The key to flossing is that each one of your teeth has 5 sides: The top, or the side you chew on The front The back The more

Have Job Growth AND Work with Kids!

A lot of my Pediatric Dental Assistant students come from situations where their job growth was limited. I’m always excited to tell them that they are on their way to a career that has long term potential, success, and opportunity. Passionate About Working with Kids Many individuals are passionate more

Send Your Assistants to My Pediatric Dental Assistant School!

One of the pediatric dentists in the Atlanta area heard about my school and took advantage of the excellent training I provide. Here’s what she had to say: Sandra came to my office a little over a year ago. She had no previous dental experience and was hired originally to do sterilization. We began more

How to Choose a Pediatric Dentist

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about ways to help your child enjoy taking care of their teeth. One of those ways was to find a great pediatric dentist so that the dentist visits are enjoyable and fun for your child. In this post, I’ll talk more about what a pediatric dentist is and how to choose one. What more

Kid’s First Visit to the Dentist

This visual aid explains how important it is to take your child to the dentist as early as you can. They should be going by the age of one, but only 10% of children at that age have seen a dentist. Give your child a healthy start by taking them to the dentist early! ~ Dr. Rhea Haugseth more

5 Ways to Make Brushing Teeth More Fun for Kids

After over 35 years in the field of pediatric dentistry, I’m well aware that many children are not fond of brushing their teeth. Kids may find it boring or uncomfortable and they don’t understand the point. As a parent though, it is important to find a way to get your child interested in the process more

5 Reasons to Pursue a New Career

Having a Pediatric Dental Assisting School, I meet many different people who have been ready for a career change when they came to me. Many times, the individuals I meet already have a love for working with kids. They are stay-at-home moms or dads, or single parents looking for better work. They are more

10 Secrets to Raising a Cavity Free Kid

If you want to keep your kids smiling for the rest of their lives, then oral health is key! As a pediatric dentist and now an educator for pediatric dental assistants – I know how important it is to teach kids good habits early on. A while back we shared a list that was going around Facebook that more

The Adventures of Cambodia Continue!

In continuing our blog series about my recent missionary trip to Cambodia, we begin again at day three. And what a crazy day indeed! Whistle While You Work! Day three was as crazy as they come! In total, we saw 145 kids, doing fillings and extractions! What an amazing turn out it was and how delighted more

4 Awesome Aspects of Pediatric Dental Assisting

I just love being a pediatric dentist! It’s the best job around. And being a pediatric dental assistant is just as incredible. I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite things about the work that I do. Smiling Kids! – I just love seeing those happy, healthy, toothy grins. The funny things more

My Mission Trip to Cambodia!

For those of you who didn’t know, I had the pleasure of doing some missionary work in Cambodia in November. What a gratifying experience that was! To highlight the various parts of my stay, I am going to feature the next few blogs with details and pictures, so let’s get started! Day 1 – Recap I more

Candy that Fights Cavities…can it be true?!

Imagine eating candy after every meal and actually reducing your cavities when you go for your dental check ups twice a year. That’s every kid’s dream! (And every adult’s too, right?!) A German company has created a sugar free candy that has dead bacteria in it which attaches to the bad strain more

If you like kids and you like to smile – come to PDAS!

The Premier Pediatric Dental Assisting School of Marietta I have an excellent school to train pediatric dental assistants in the Atlanta area and I am spreading the word about this one of a kind opportunity! Here’s what you need to know! The Instructor I have been a pediatric dental specialist for more