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Have Job Growth AND Work with Kids!

A lot of my Pediatric Dental Assistant students come from situations where their job growth was limited. I’m always excited to tell them that they are on their way to a career that has long term potential, success, and opportunity.

Passionate About Working with Kids

Many individuals are passionate about working with kids in some capacity. Sometimes they go into daycare or nannying. Some jobs working with kids, like in school or counseling, require degrees and training that take years and thousands of dollars.

If you want to work with children, your possibilities might be limited unless you are ready to invest a lot in your education. The other side is to work with kids in a capacity that doesn’t require a lot of education but then there isn’t much growth throughout your professional career.

As a nanny, you might work with one family for a long time and get more responsibilities and pay raises, but when the children no longer need a nanny or other circumstances occur to end your time with them – you are back to square one with the next family.

Working in a traditional office or retail store doesn’t give you time with children even though it will pay the bills. For many of you, it’s important to do what you love.

Well, loving your job AND meeting your financial responsibilities is not out of reach!

Become a Pediatric Dental Assistant!

Pediatric Dental Assistant School Dental AssistantBeing a pediatric dental assistant is a great option for a job that works with children and has growth potential. Not to mention the fact that you can attend the school and be ready for work all in a short amount of time.

In essence, my vocational school trains you in just a few months to move into a growing, thriving industry. If you know you like kids and have an interest in dentistry, then my school is definitely the right place for you.

I have dentists all over the Georgia area – we are a community of pediatric dentists and we all know each other. They tell me, Rhea, when you have a graduate who lives in my area, you send them to me! Students come from all over the city and even a little outside of it and all of them have job potential with me.

The reason it’s so simple finding them work is that an assistant who is trained at a vocational school that specializes in pediatric dental assisting is going to be better suited to begin work immediately in a pediatric office. And you will typically start at a higher pay rate because of your vocational training as well.

You really don’t compete with general dentistry assistants because it is a very different kind of assisting. And you will learn techniques specifically designed to help kids feel comfortable as we do check ups, cleanings, and other procedures.

How can you grow?

So I’ve talked a lot about how my vocational school gives you a start on a career path with growth. There are a variety of areas in which growth is possible and it depends entirely on the type of office you are hired to work in.

Some smaller practices might have you working as an assistant as well as other job responsibilities, like billing or reception. Larger dental offices that have many assistants might also have head assistants in supervisory positions, which is a potential for growth if leadership is something that interests you.

Some dental assistants eventually go back to school when they’ve saved up enough from their well-paying steady assistant job and they become hygienists. As they gain more experience in the field, there are many avenues opened up to them.

My Vocational School is a cut above the rest!

When you come out of my pediatric dental assistant vocational school, instead of another school or off the street, you have a much higher level of skills. All the dentists I talk to- love it. They know that if it’s coming from Rhea, it’ll be top of the line training. It goes with my reputation.

The key is that you can start out at a higher pay rate, not just compared to other entry level jobs, but even compared to other dental assisting schools in the Atlanta, Georgia area. So you aren’t competing with all the other dental assistant graduates because you are already so far above them in specialization.

If you want to be a pediatric dental assistant, it just makes sense to go to that specific vocational school rather than a traditional general dental assistant school.

So if you want to have a career where you work with kids, that pays well, and gives you opportunities for growth – you’ve found it!

~Dr. Rhea Haugseth