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Dental Assistant Careers Hold Strong Even in Tough Economy — Read Below


Scottsdale, AZ — (SBWIRE) — Despite the tough economy, specialty dental assistant careers continue their strong growth pattern. It can be a reasonably lucrative career choice for many without the significant time investment required by many other careers.

“We are just not seeing the industry slow down,” a spokesperson for the Dental Assistant Career Research Center said today. “Perhaps it is the continuing education of the public by the dental industry or perhaps it is an increased focus on people’s appearance for the business world. Whatever the reason, local dentistry seems to not have suffered from the poor economy at all. And subsequently the demand for dental assistants remains at an all time high.”


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And the demand for specialized Dental Assistants is even higher. Many people know that dentists often specialize in one particular area of dentistry but they may not realize that Dental Assistants can specialize as well.

“Although Dental Assistants are in high demand all over,” the spokesperson said, “specialized Dental Assistants are in even higher demand which means they can command a higher salary. For instance, sedation dentistry is incredibly popular these days. A dentist who specializes in sedation dentistry may require a Dental Assistant who also specializes in sedation dentistry. It just makes sense. The same applies to tooth restoration and various other specialties of dentistry.”

The median annual wage of Dental Assistants was approximately $32,000 in May of 2008 while those at the top of the pay range earned approximately $48,000. These numbers are likely to have climbed in the almost 4 years that have elapsed since. Presumably those at the higher end of the pay scale are those who chose dental assistant career training.

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