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Hey Teens: Earn Great Money & Independence at Once

Hey Teens: Earn Great Money & Independence at Once

We completely understand. Teenagers can be indecisive, especially after graduating high school. And that’s perfectly fine…after all, there is a lot to consider! But then you ask yourself: what am I going to do now?

Do I go straight to college? Am I going to be independent from my parents? What kind of industry do I want to work in? What kind of jobs are out there that pay good money? Are there even any high-paying entry level jobs?

Pediatric Dental Assistant School confused teen

All of these are great questions to ask yourself and I’m here to help you navigate that decision.

The key is to remain focused and don’t delay in making your decision. You don’t want to become a couch potato and rely on your parents, do you? We didn’t think so!

A Booming Industry That Benefits You in Every Way

A lot of teenagers graduating high school find themselves overwhelmed with options. Many don’t feel like traditional college is for them, but still want a job that is challenging and rewarding!

The government recognizes the dental assistant field as one of the nation’s fastest growing work fields in America. The need is even higher for highly-skilled pediatric dental assistants.

Teens nowadays are quite tech savvy and enjoy using “cool” tools and exciting machines. As a pediatric dental assistant, you’ll be using your tech savvy skills on a daily basis.

Many teens aren’t aware of how many high-paying entry level jobs are actually out there and have very little schooling involved. To help teens find and land a high-paying profession, we’ve created an exclusive (and free) guide, 12 Hints for Landing a High-Paying Profession After Graduation, to make the process that much easier!

Did you know the average pay for a pediatric dental assistant is $17.76 an hour, with an average yearly income of $34k?! Not many teens can say they make that much right after graduation!

Along with the satisfaction of seeing kids smile everyday and having a job that’s challenging and rewarding, you will also earn a great income and will be on your way to independence.

You Are Needed!

High school was tough enough with feeling the need to fit in. Now, you no longer have to struggle with that. Pediatric dental assistants are in high demand across the entire country, so make the most of it.

A nationwide shortage of pediatric dental assistants means we need you, and we need you now!

So, what are you waiting for? Jumpstart your career NOW and change your life today!

~ Dr. Rhea Haugseth