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Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials:

What would you say was your biggest surprise during all this training?

How detailed everything is. Small class so have a lot of instructor attention – really helped me learn.”

“Learning the background and knowledge on why certain things are done, learning the information behind it, like the abscess and the mouth ulcers.”

“A lot of one-on-one, able to properly handle stuff, very detailed. I really recommend it because of perfect teachers, nice teachers, that teach you well.”

How does it make you feel now that you have more knowledge and understanding?

“It makes me feel good to know that if a parent asks me a question,I can tell them the answer as to why things happen and I feel confident that I know the answer. I don’t have to ask anyone else – it makes me feel good”.

“My friends ask me questions about their mouth. It makes me feel special that they are asking me. They know that I have the answers.”

“I think that it was a blessing and that it was a very good investment, I am going to my office where I can do more things without them having to teach me or asking my peers and stuff. They can trust me more because of all I learned.”

What made you go into dental assisting in the first place – as a career choice for you?

“Because I always liked the health field, I decided that this would be exciting with many challenges and stuff. When I decided on just kids I thought it would be really fun because each child is different and each one is a whole new surprise. Learning all these things about yourself, all these things going on in your mouth, seeing new things has been great.” 

What would you say to someone to convince them to give pediatric dental assisting a try?

“There is more fun in a pediatric office because the kids are very special. They are happy and they just surprise you in a fun way. They are more easy to handle and convince them to do well. Treat them with a little prize when they are finished. I think in a general dental office with adults you have to tell them what is going on, be more sedate -not as much fun!”

“I recommend it because in a pediatric office because it is a lot of fun, every day new challenges and different every day. The kids are lots of fun. Always a happy place. I like it and I recommend it.”

Since you have kids and a family, how difficult was it to take care of them and complete your training? How did your kids feel about you being in school?

“They see it as a very big accomplishment because I never thought I was going to be able to handle so many things – school, job and kids. It shows them everything can be accomplished and that certificate proves it. It has been a Big change in my life.”

“With my kids, I understand how to work with kids, how to talk with children, how they see things, what the right attitude is to work with them, the way they see things. That has helped me a lot in a pediatric dental office because they feel a certain way, I see it from their point of view, help them understand and not be scared.”


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