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Oh, The Places You’ll Go…With Pediatric Dental Assistant School!

Oh, The Places You’ll Go…With Pediatric Dental Assistant School!

Contemplating the future? Opportunities are endless! From college, to trade school, to the work force…it can be hard to discern what’s next.

So, take it from the experts. Forbes recently listed Dental Assistants as the number one best job for young people! Here’s why.

With Pediatric Dental Assistant School, you are trained to be a dental assistant in just nine weeks! Are you still in high school? No prob! You can even take the Pediatric Dental Assistant School classes while you’re finishing up your senior year! The only age requirement is that you graduate high school (or have your GED) before graduating from our program!

With an approximate 16,000 job openings, annually, the ability to find a job in the location of your choice is nearly a given! Enjoy a well-paid position, anywhere in the US, and as much shopping as your heart desires!

Benefits of Being a Dental Assistant

  • Salary. The average pediatric dental assistant salary across the United States is $33,470! That is MORE than enough to live off of! Enjoy all the beautiful perks about your twenties — restaurants, shopping, vacations, and more!
  • Annual openings.  As previously noted, there are an estimated 16,000 job openings, each year, for dental assistants. The odds that you will be able to find a job after training are in your favor!
  • Schooling. In just nine short weeks, you will be a trained, qualified Pediatric Dental Assistant!
  • Kids. Children make every work environment better. Enjoy making jokes and giggling with children all day! This job is full of meaning and laughter.

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Still not convinced about becoming a dental assistant? Check out our student testimonials page and hear what they have to say about it! The pediatric dental assistant salary is just the start to a gratifying job.

~Dr. Rhea Haugseth