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The Adventures of Cambodia Continue!

In continuing our blog series about my recent missionary trip to Cambodia, we begin again at day three. And what a crazy day indeed!

Whistle While You Work!

Day three was as crazy as they come! In total, we saw 145 kids, doing fillings and extractions! What an amazing turn out it was and how delighted I was to have the chance to help these wonderful children with their oral health!

I was the only pediatric dentist on this mission trip so I was treating the kids and advising treatment for others. What an amazing group this is ? Global Dental Relief did a phenomenal job getting us organized and ready to work! From the facility down to the kids!

What a great day!

We took a lunch break that was hosted at a local home, and as an added piece of interesting information, their homes are one big room that is mainly used for the space in which they sleep at night otherwise they are outside where it is cooler.

Lunch consisted of some relatively plain noodles which I ate along with two fish meals I wasn’t so sure about!

Because it is so hot here, we are drinking what seems like a ton of water, but all is good!

Later that night I choose not to go to dinner with the group and instead opted to have a massage to add some relief to my sore back and shoulders! My 90-minute Thai massage was a bit wild as she was walking all over me, but surprisingly did a great job on my problem areas! The best part was it was, it was only $15 bucks US.

I wrapped my night up with a late swim and promptly hit the bed fully exhausted at 8:30pm

Tomorrow would be another big day, I was a good thing I was getting my beauty sleep!

PDAS Lunch Break

Our amazing missionary team, breaking for some lunch

PDAS Working on a Patient

Myself and my assistant working on a patient

PDAS Peaking spectators


Curious spectators hoping to catch a peek at our fabulous work!

We’re Not Done Yet!

Make sure to check back soon for another update on my adventurous Cambodia Missionary Trip!

~ Dr. Rhea Haugseth