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Why I Love Training Pediatric Dental Assistants in Marietta, GA

Why I Love Training Pediatric Dental Assistants in Marietta, GA


I’ve been a pediatric dentist right here in Marietta, GA  for a long time now. There are some pretty great things about my job. It’s always a joy to walk alongside people as they make career and life defining decisions, like becoming a pediatric dental assistant.

I can easily think of three reasons why I started the Pediatric Dental Assistant School and why I continue to love my job every single day.

I Love What I Do for Three Reasons

It’s funny, the patients I started treating at the beginning of my career are now grown and have graduated, but I’ve noticed a few things watching them grow up.

  1. These young men and women are finding it hard to land quality jobs, because of the slumping economy. The job market for recent graduates is more bleak than ever. It seems like the normal jobs a student or graduate would land are being snapped up by others. So, how do these students gain real working experience? This is exactly why I started my company!
  2. Another reason the Pediatric Dental Assistant School exists is the simple fact that good help is hard to find. Working with children is a special skill and it takes a certain type of person and a very specific type of training. While there are other programs in the area, the Pediatric Dental Assistant School is the only one that specializes in the unique needs of pediatric dentistry.
  3. The other reason I’m here is because I love Marietta, Georgia. It has this great small town feel without feeling too remote, because Atlanta is easy to get to. Marietta is full of beauty, history, and amazing people. This is my way of giving back to the community and offering ways to make sure the next generation thrives.

I’m sure there are more reasons, but my students really make my job worthwhile and are my primary reason for loving what I do!

Don’t Give Up!

I wish you luck on your career search! If you have any questions about becoming a pediatric dental assistant, please feel free to ask me.

And, just in case you are looking for more tips on navigating the job market, download our list of –12 Hints for Landing a High-Paying Profession After Graduation. 

~ Dr. Rhea Haugseth

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