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Is a Pediatric Dentist Right For Your Child?


Today, I am going to address 2 questions that you, a parent, may have about your child and pediatric dentistry.

Should My Child Go to a Pediatric Dentist?

Of course, I highly recommend that you at least try out a pediatric dentist in your area. Bring your child and see how they react to the environment.

Sometimes, simply being in a kid-friendly space with bright colors, shapes, and familiar cartoon faces can make a world of a difference! A pediatric dental office is more likely to be an exciting place to go rather than a scary one.

At my office, you can even download a coloring book for them about their visit to the dentist. It reminds them of how fun the dentist is!

Additionally, pediatric dentist and dental assistants are trained to handle the unique situations that kids bring to the dental world. We can calm their fears and speak to them in ways that make sense to a younger audience.

How Long Can My Child Visit Their Pediatric Dentist?

Pediatric Dental Assistant School Dental AssistantPersonally, I love seeing my patients until they are 18 and leaving for college! I love watching them grow up in my chair. Even seeing them get their driver’s license is so fun for me!

However, if you and your child are ready for a general family dentist, I can refer you to some great dentists in the area! I can even help match you to a practice with a similar personality to you and your family.

As you can see, the answers to these questions are subjective. You have to decide what is right for you and your child. If you need any help in making these decisions, please do not hesitate to give my office a call! We can answer your questions and give you guidance to make the right choice for your unique situation.

~ Dr. Rhea Haugseth