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Going Back to School Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

Going Back to School Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

This is the time of year when stores advertise their giant back to school sales. You see pencil pouches, rulers, lunch boxes, and highlighters on every aisle at Target and Walmart. Most parents tend to look forward to this special time of year.

But, I’m certain there are other parents, perhaps you’ll identify with this, who feel like it’s time they went back to school too!

I’m speaking from years of experience when I say this: Although the thought of going back to school feels daunting, it really doesn’t have to be hard!

Head Games

I’m not saying going back to school is simple and your life will go on as usual, but, school is a challenge we must all be willing to meet. A challenge entirely possible of finding an academic program that suits your particular needs to make it happen.

This is where a career training program comes in handy. Usually, these types of programs take you through an in-depth study of your chosen field, without all the extraneous classes that don’t directly pertain to the career you’re training for.

But, that’s not to say going back to school won’t disrupt your normal routine. So, how do you balance your new schedule with the already pressing demands on your time?

This may not be what you want to hear, but you need to make friends with your calendar. Consult it daily, at the very least. And, you may need to become a list maker. You can’t possibly hold everything in that awesome head of yours!

Make a list, every morning, of the things you must accomplish. Honestly, it’s really fun to check things off your list! Sometimes, I even put things on my list just to have the satisfaction of crossing it off –eat breakfast. Check. Find car keys. Check. See, it’s fun!

Back to the calendar? Whether it’s the app on your phone, a huge wall calendar filled with sticky notes, or an old school paper planner, the trick is to use it to think through your deadlines and important upcoming events, so you can manage your time wisely. Sit down with your calendar, a cup of coffee, and your favorite pen and start with the dates and deadlines you already know and go from there.

Don’t forget those appointments that take up your time like dental appointments, or hair appointments. You don’t want to double-book yourself!

Challenge Accepted

It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you write it down and plan ahead! I’ve helped so many people, just like you, get through my career training program at the Pediatric Dental Assistant School. You can do it, too!

So, as you think through this whole going back to school idea, I’d like to leave you with one last thing. Maybe it’ll make your decision process easier!


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~ Dr. Rhea Haugseth