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“Experience Required” – The Roadblock of Job Searching

“Experience Required” – The Roadblock of Job Searching

Have you noticed many jobs these days require a certain amount of experience in order to even be considered for the position?

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Traditional degrees seem to be losing their grip on the job front. It appears, career training and experience is nudging it’s way to the lead. So, if you’re just starting out and you still need to gain experience, how do you go about getting hired?

At PDAS, we asked ourselves that very same question.

Everyone Has Advice…

So where do you even start? Well, first, begin with creating a killer resume. Think creative and outside of the box. This takes time to accomplish, so don’t get discouraged if you find it takes a few days to get it polished.


You can find a ton of resume resources by doing a quick Google search. Some of the more popular ones like Monster and LinkedIn, are worth your time and efforts. can be pretty overwhelming at first. Posting your resume can feel like throwing your hard work into the open sea and hoping someone will come along and rescue it; but it’s worth the effort. According to, every minute, 29 resumes are uploaded; 7,900 jobs are searched; and 2,800 jobs are viewed. That’s a lot of job networking going on that you need to be part of.

LinkedIn is growing in popularity and some would say a profile on this platform is more important than a solid resume. But, you still need a well-written and complete profile. As in: complete experience, education, references, and technical skills. According to LinkedIn: There are 2 new LinkedIn members, per second.

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Nothing compares to the experience we gain from the jobs we have, before we land the job we want; but how do you obtain that experience you need to actually land that dream career or profession?

  • Volunteering. Volunteering in the career you’re interested in can go along way. You may not be getting paid to perform the physical acts, but you’re showing prospective employers you’re dedicated and eager to learn. Plus, you’ll gain valuable experience!
  • Find a mentor and do a little job shadowing to gain inside knowledge and information in your potential field.
  • Take classes – you can never learn too much. Staying current in your desired field says a lot about your dedication to your career. Knowledge is the one thing we can never have too much of.
  • It’s also a good idea to find ways to be active in your community; you never know who you will meet! Community involvement opens up doors that would otherwise be hidden. Here’s a handy list of various volunteer opportunities in the Atlanta area.
  • Networking is a great way to meet influential people and gain recommendations from career minded individuals. It’s also a great idea to ask for letters of recommendation from prior employers, teachers, and anyone you volunteered services to/for. Potential employers want to see you’re as good as you say you are.

College is another fantastic way to grow your network and gain experience. But, it’s expensive, time consuming, and traditional universities are not for everyone. Technical schools help fill this gap by offering hands-on career training solutions, in a fast paced environment.

We Have Answers

As a career training solutions provider, at PDAS, we can help you gain the experience, find a mentor, and take classes to become an in-demand pediatric dental assistant in just 9 weeks!

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~ Dr. Rhea Haugseth

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