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Changing Careers at 30 and Reinventing Yourself!

Changing Careers at 30 and Reinventing Yourself!

Necessity is the mother of invention or so they say. But reentering the workforce after a divorce can be a daunting thing. There are bills to pay and children to raise and how will you keep yourself together during all this upheaval? Changing careers at thirty might seem impossible when you need to provide for your family on a single income.

Or, you could look at it another way. Entering the working world could become a time to totally recreate yourself!

We hear stories all the time of stay-at-home mom’s who go through a nasty divorce and emerge stronger and smarter than ever!

A Whole New You

You just need to find the place where you will fit the best.

Pediatric Dental Assistant School Changing Careers at 30

Granted your best fit includes a few extra parameters these days. You need something flexible to work around your children’s schedules.

Your new job also needs to do more than just cover your expenses and put food on the table. You should be working within an industry that’s in demand and rewarding.

Three Skills You Already Have

As you consider changing careers at 30, it’s important to remember that just because your resume feels out of date, doesn’t mean you’re as far behind in the working world as you might think. Here are three skills that you may not have included in your resume… but should have!

  • Problem Solving – If you’ve spent the last few years running a home and raising the kids, you have probably become an expert problem solver.
  • Time Management – Between little league practice, math homework, carpool schedules, and dinner prep, you’ve had your hands full and you’ve made it look effortless.
  • Interpersonal Skills – Dealing tactfully with less than helpful teachers, less than compliant children, and an ex-husband is an art. Don’t forget that!

You have life experience and your particular strengths are suited for something. Have you considered dental assisting?

Quality and Experience

Check out our Pediatric Dental Assistance Programs. In nine short weeks, you could be trained and ready to work in a rewarding and in-demand career. And, we offer a job placement program once your training is complete!

Are you ready to re-invent yourself?

~ Dr. Rhea Haugseth