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Back to School: Healthy Lunch & Snack Ideas

Kids seem to be hollow-legged, never-full, eating machines, whether it’s lunchtime or the minute they step in the door! So we wanted to share with you some healthy lunch and snack ideas to help keep your eating machines under control!

Lunch Lady Blues!

Kids are easily dissatisfied when it comes to the traditional PB&J-type lunches. Why not shake things up a bit and surprise them with something fun, healthy AND delicious, Something like this:

Lunches can get pretty boring when served day in and day out. So try new foods, shapes, and colors, to throw kids off and interest them in trying something new!

I like this blog:  A Virtuous Woman. She offers a great (printable) list of 125+ healthy lunchbox ideas!

Let There Be Snacks!

No school day is complete without that after-school snack! Kids come home starving and ready to eat before diving into homework, chores, and anything else they need to do!

A quick Google search will result in a TON of healthy after-school snack ideas, but here is a great collection I found! Hope your new school year starts off with a bang!

PDAS 50 Healthy Snack Ideas

~ Dr. Rhea Haugseth