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Halloween and Your Childs Safety: 13 Helpful Tips!


Halloween is just around the corner and the Pediatric Dental Assistant School wants to make sure that your little goblins are prepared for a Halloween evening that is fun and safe!

We have put together a helpful guide that will be beneficial to children, parents and homeowners!

Pediatric Dental Assistant School Halloween Pumpkin Pumpkin On the Ground, How’d You Get So Big and Round?

If you’re a homeowner that plans to hand out Halloween cheer, here are some great tips that will ensure your home and the children that come to visit it will remain safe!

  • Clean up your yard – Make sure your yard is clear of hoses, ladders, and other debris that could pose as a tripping hazard!
  • Pet owners – If you have animals that are easily spooked by the abundance of traffic at your door, keep your pets crated and distracted by turning on the TV or radio to help them manage their visitor anxiety.
  • Light up the pathways – Use flameless candles for a bonus lighting that brings a clear path to your door! Flameless candles are great for avoiding those pumpkins and other decorations that could potentially cause a fire!
  • Leave a light on – Homeowners that want to invite trick-or-treaters to their doors should remember to turn on their front porch lighting. Porch lights are a universal signal to those trick-or-treaters in the neighborhood that a house is welcome for visitors

9 More Halloween Howls 

Halloween can be a bit chaotic for both parents and kids, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are some great tips for both kids and parents!

  • Carry a flashlight to help avoid any trips and spills when encountering a dark pathway.
  • Stay with your parent or guardian at all times!
  • Walk, don’t run between houses.
  • Stay on sidewalks and follow all traffic signals and signs.
  • Stop only at homes that have a porch light on!
  • Refrain from eating ANY of your candy until an adult has had a chance to inspect it, making sure it’s safe to devour!
  • Be sure to check that your child’s costume is made from fire retardant materials.
  • If you’re walking around town while trick-or-treating, be sure to place reflective tape on costumes as a way of making sure they’re seen while crossing the streets.
  • Remember to always say thank you and be respectful of others!

We hope you have a safe and fun Halloween!

~ Dr. Rhea Haugseth