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Changing Careers at 40 is Scary…but Worth it!

If you’re considering a job change at 40, you’re certainly not the only one. More and more workers are becoming dissatisfied with their jobs, and statistics are proving it to be so.

These days, according to a recent study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average worker stays in each job an average of 4.4 years. That is barely enough time to break ground!

Dental Assistant JobsMake a career change for the last time, and do it for the right reasons!

Pediatric Dental Assistant School, located in Marietta, Georgia, might be the right and final fit for you! The nine-week program leaves our students well-prepared for a career in dentistry.

With a student to teacher ratio of 4:1, enjoy the perks of personal, hands-on training, that prepares you to actually be a successful Pediatric Dental Assistant! Students are even taught in an up-to-date, award-winning, pediatric dental office! The expertise and care you offer, following your time at Pediatric Dental Assistant School, will wow your employers!

In fact, U.S. News and World Report just reported that an estimated 74,000 jobs will open up in the Dental Assisting field by 2022! This financially rewarding and FUN job, just might be the one for you.

For more information on what a Dental Assistant does, you can check out the American Dental Association website.

Have fun while you work!

As if the job transition isn’t enough change on it’s own, the transition is often accompanied by financial stress, anxiety, a decrease in energy, and moodiness. In short: It’s stressful!

Why wait any longer for that dream job? Change your career at 40 with success!

Why keep working a job that doesn’t speak to your soul! Sign up for Pediatric Dental Assistant School, today! And actually use your gifts.