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A New Year, A New You, A New Life

A New Year, A New You, A New Life

Do you ever wish you could start over? That is probably a common desire for many people, even if it does seem unrealistic at the surface. Why waste time
dreaming about something that seems impossible, right?

While we can’t literally turn back time and live our lives over, you can make the commitment to spending the rest of your life in a way that is fulfilling. Most people find this achievement to be difficult, finding it easier to stay on the path they are already on, instead of forging their own way. Often, the challenges seem to be too much, the risk of failure too high.

What are the obstacles standing in front of your goal? Oft-cited reasons for not pursuing your dream are that it’s too late, your family needs you, you can’t afford the time to spend four years in college, or that you simply have the real-world needs of having to work to support you and your family. Those are all legitimate obstacles, so what would you say if we could simply get those out of the way for you?

It’s YOUR life, So Live It

Many careers might require a significant sacrifice before you are able to assume your new identity, and that often isn’t feasible for many people living in a world that depends on them.

Some careers, though, are in high-demand (meaning they compensate well) and you can be trained in only a few months. That’s right; in just a few months you could be reborn as a pediatric dental assistant with the Pediatric Dental Assistant School. If you start with class this winter, you can be certified and working before spring even begins!


Infobox: What is a pediatric dental assistant? Dental assistants are the glue that holds a dental office together. They are the second pair of hands and eyes for the dentist, screening patients, taking X-rays, instructing patients, and keep the workplace ready by preparing and organizing equipment. Pediatric dental assistants are specially qualified to communicate and work with children.



It gets better.

You won’t have to leave your current job until you have already secured your new career.

How is that possible, you ask?

We can give you the needed training and skills with only one day a week in class. By focusing on what you need to know, we can minimize the amount of time you spend in the classroom. If you really want to know more about art and history, go to the library; our school is completely focused on training pediatric dental assistants.

Don’t Wait Until Next Year

Doesn’t it seem like we were just celebrating 2015? Many of you will resolve to do a whole host of things in the New Year; some will vow to lose weight, pledge to save money or pay off debt, and many people will be setting new career goals. If you are ready for a change, take matters into your own hands, this year.

People are living and working much longer than they used to. It may seem like it’s too late to start over, but that simply isn’t true. You can make a choice right now and decide how you want to spend the next 30 years; will that be doing the same, unrewarding things you’re doing now, or simply hopping from job to job when you can’t take it anymore?

As soon as this spring, you could be waking up to a brand new way of life. Imagine what your day might be like, how great it would be, and then realize that it is within your grasp.

You could spend the rest of your life wondering what it would have been like, or you can take the opportunity that is in front of you, now.

It’s ok to want to create a new life and a new career for yourself, at whatever age and for whatever reason. It’s your life, so live it.


~ Dr. Rhea Haugseth